Sep. 12th, 2016

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 The day had been incredibly long and the weather wasn’t helping. It had rained on and off all day, and exactly when Doctor John Watson was about to leave the hospital at the end of his shift it started to pour . Of course he didn’t have an umbrella with him because when he left that morning the sky wasn’t so grey and it was just drizzling.

 Wonderful, just wonderful.

 The doctor was soaked through when he entered the tube. When he finally reached Baker Street, his mood was terrible. There were no lights on in the flat, that meant Sherlock was asleep or simply too lazy to switch them on, waiting for him to come home and do it. Watson was hungry; he also was sure his flat mate hadn’t thought about cooking dinner. Tesco was just a couple of blocks away but Watson was too tired and the rain was falling hard right now.

 I’ll just go out to a Chinese restaurant. Or something.

 At first, he didn’t notice the expensive black car approaching him. Then, realizing what it meant, the former army doctor sighed loudly and opened the back door. Nobody was inside but the driver informed him that Mr. Holmes had requested his presence and he was going to take him to his house.

 “Please, bring your medical bag with you, doctor.” The driver added.

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